Carton Sealing Tape

Our Carton Sealing Tapes offer consistent performance for all light to heavy duty packaging uses, including hand and machine applications.

Need automated equipment for high volume carton sealing? See our great selection of Carton Sealing Equipment.

Carton Sealing Tape Dispensers

Masking Tape

Our Masking Tapes provide consistent performance for commercial and residential painting and construction, packaging, bundling, labeling, industrial masking and holding.

Water-Activated Tape (Gummed Tape)

Our high quality Water-Activated Tapes provide extra holding power for heavy and large applications.

See our great selection of Tape Dispensers.

Strapping Tape

Quality tapes for all your strapping, packaging, bundling and palletizing needs.

Label Protection Tape

Protection for shipping labels and other printed surfaces against damage from the elements and rough handling. Excellent tack, quick adhesion, high clarity with UV resistant non-yellowing formula.

It's a high-quality Shurtape product.

Flatback Tape

For use in carton sealing, splicing, general purpose packaging, binding, holding, tabbing, reinforcing, banding and patching, for a variety of substrates. Strong and flexible.

Vinyl Tape

Used for floor, lane and aisle marking, color coding, and insulating air ducts and underground pipes. Can be used where resistance to moisture and humidity are required.


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