Packaging supplies are materials used to protect your products during storage, moving, or shipment. There are different types of packaging supplies, from corrugated boxes and bubble wrap to tapes and adhesives. They can also represent your brand for marketing purposes.

Here are some of the moving supplies you may need when relocating to a new place:

  • Moving boxes of different sizes
  • Packing tapes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Kraft paper, newsprint, or other packing papers
  • Packaging labels
  • Staples
  • Furniture and mattress bags
  • Can liners


Corrugated, paperboard, plastic, steel, and aluminum are some of the most common packaging materials. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, so take note of the type of items you’ll be packing and shipping.

Cardboard and paperboard are among the most budget-friendly packaging materials. They are customizable, lightweight, and can be cut or formed into different structures to accommodate whatever items you want to pack. They can be a significant part of your brand’s packaging, too.

Steel packaging materials are the best option for storing and shipping heavy loads. Because of their unrivaled strength, steel packaging materials can withstand rough handling, impact, and vibration.

When choosing packaging materials, some factors to consider are their durability, quality, ease of use, sustainability, and overall look. The right packaging materials can bring many benefits to your business.

Corrugated boxes are relatively lightweight, stronger than cardboard boxes, and can store a good quantity of items at once. They are a practical and cost-effective solution to most storing, packing, and shipping needs.

Packaging materials need to be high-quality and durable because they serve as protection for your products while they are in transit. Investing in top-quality packaging means your items will arrive at their destination without dents, scratches, or damage. It can also add value to your brand.

There are many types of packaging machines depending on your business needs. These include stretch wrappers, strapping machines, case sealers, L sealers and shrink tunnels, and handheld packaging tools like tape dispensers and glue guns.

A good packaging machine must be efficient, durable, sustainable, and affordable. It should also be easy to use and operate so you won’t have to spend time on staff training.