Automated strapping machines have the ability to significantly increase work floor efficiency and productivity, which translates into increased profitability. If you require more efficient wrapping processes for your application, these machines offer the ideal solution.


Strapping machines increase the speed of wrapping processes for products or pallets in materials such as cabled plastic, which helps prevent products from falling or splitting apart during transport. Straps bundle multiple products together to secure them to a pallet while improving containment strength. Straps can consist of a variety of materials, depending on the application’s strength requirements. These materials may include steel, high-tensile steel, polyester, cordex, or polypropylene.

Applications may use either automatic or semi-automatic strapping machines. Fully automatic strapping machines position loads for strapping through the use of conveyor systems or drop-off areas. In these machines, sensors detect loads. The machines then automatically apply straps to loads, tighten them, and cut them without any manual operation. Semi-automatic strapping machines, on the other hand, require the assistance of an operator who applies and tightens the straps. Semi-automatic strapping machines are ideal for low-volume applications, and they’re also ideal for offline and backup strapping.

Some applications may also use arch strapping machines, which are more automated than semi-automatic models, but still require operator assistance. The operator positions the package and presses a button or foot pedal to activate the machine. The machine then initiates the strapping process and prepares the straps as needed.

The unique requirements of each application will help determine which type of strapping machine is best to use.


A wide range of applications in the packaging industry rely on strapping machines to maintain efficient processes, such as bundling, bailing, carton closure, and unitizing. Some of the specific applications for strapping machines of all types include foods and beverages, direct mail and other mail pieces, consumer goods, and newspapers. These and other applications require protection for products through the use of strapping, which combines, stabilizes, fastens, and holds goods while preparing them for delivery.

One of the largest segments that uses strapping machines is the food and beverage industry, which relies on this equipment for packaging and wrapping. This industry has seen increased demand for sufficient protection when packaging food and beverage products, leading many companies to utilize semi-automatic, arch, and fully automatic strapping machines. Strapping is particularly critical for maintaining the quality and usability of products when shipping food items.

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The efficiency and reliability of strapping machines offer numerous benefits for many applications. Using these systems, you can:


Strapping machines increase the speed of strapping, bundling, and transportation, which enables companies to save time on packaging.


High-quality strapping materials and consistently dependable processes prevent products from sustaining damage and falling apart in packaging or shipment operations.


Today’s innovations in strapping machinery make it easy to integrate them into new or existing packaging systems.


Increased efficiency facilitates increased productivity among staff, particularly with automated systems that require little to no manual operation. This keeps floor staff working efficiently and frees them up to focus on other important tasks.


Efficient strapping processes also minimize strapping material waste and damage or contamination to products, which can help cut down on the cost of shipping products.

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The right strapping machine will increase the efficiency of your operations, protect products with proper packaging, and benefit your business in a variety of other ways. To ensure you get the results you want from your strapping processes, Dot Systems will help you locate the right strapping equipment and materials for your application. In addition, we offer a selection of other equipment to meet all of your production needs, including stretch wrappers, tape machines, and case sealers. We’ll also keep your equipment in peak condition through our preventative maintenance services.

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