At DOT Systems, we specialize in providing high-quality packaging and shipping solutions for companies of all sizes. Included in our capabilities are packing and shipping foam. Packaging foam is an extremely versatile and lightweight product. It can be used as the main packaging material within a box, wrapped around items to protect them from damage, or wadded up as void fill. Packing foam is typically available in sheets, rolls, or pouches, and it comes in various sizes and thicknesses to meet your needs.

Types of Packaging / Shipping Foam

Packaging foam offers an excellent solution for protecting products during shipping, transport, and storage. Because it provides adequate support while also absorbing impact and shock, packaging foam is ideal for protecting a wide range of items. There are many different types of shipping foam available, including:

  • Anti-static foam. Anti-static foam is specially designed to protect and transport sensitive electronic equipment. The unique properties of anti-static foam allow it to dissipate electro-static charges from other components. This type of packaging foam is ideal for cushioning computer chips, circuit boards, and other electronics.
  • Charcoal foam. Charcoal shipping foam provides a durable surface for applications requiring long-term use. This type of foam is stain-resistant and avoids discoloration, making it suitable for packaging or storing frequently used items. 
  • Custom packaging. Custom packaging foam can be cut to the exact shape that you require to ensure that valuable products make it their final destination without damage.
  • Polyethylene profiles. Packaging foam can also come in the form of profiles, which are often used to protect the edges and ends of sensitive items during transport. Polyethylene is extremely durable, protecting items from nicks, scratches, and other types of damage. 
  • Poly foam. Poly foam is very soft and inexpensive, making it a great solution for shipping and packaging applications. 

Benefits and Advantages

Foam packaging materials offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Safe for electronics. Anti-static packing foam is safe for shipping electronics, protecting sensitive equipment from shock, physical damage, and static electricity. 
  • Clean. Unlike other packaging materials such as crumpled newspaper, packing foam won’t transfer ink onto shipped items. It also won’t make a mess all over floors like shredded paper or packing peanuts. 
  • Cost-effective. Foam is extremely lightweight, which not only provides easy handling but also lowers overall shipping costs. 
  • Versatile. Depending on the type of products you’re packaging and shipping, you may require a variety of packing foam materials to meet your needs. Luckily, packing and shipping foam comes in a variety of types and shapes to ensure your items arrive without damage. 
  • Recyclable. Polyethylene shipping and packing foam is recyclable, making it a great choice for companies looking to lower their environmental footprint. 
  • Soft. Foam is a very soft material, making it ideal for shipping fragile products. Packing foam ensures that furniture and other delicate items arrive without damage. 

Packing / Shipping Foam from DOT Systems

Packing and shipping foam offers a lightweight yet effective solution for protecting various products during shipping, transport, and storage. Whether you’re shipping large furniture items or small fragile items, packaging foam ensures that your products make it to their destination without damage. At DOT Systems, we have over 40 years of experience in the shipping and packaging industry. We can provide a wide range of products to our customers with quick lead times and low prices. 

With a large inventory of products, tools, and equipment, we can meet a variety of packaging needs. To learn more about our packing and shipping foam products, contact us or request information today.