Metal strapping offers a way of securing bundles of items for storage and/or shipping. Due to its high tensile strength, availability, and low cost, steel is one of the most common material choices for strapping. Steel strapping from DOT Systems is available in different grades, widths, and thicknesses to suit various needs, and it can hold very tough objects without stretching.

steel strapping


Steel strapping is strong enough to secure even the heaviest loads. Because of this, it is often used to secure construction materials, logs, or industrial equipment to railcars or flatbed trucks for cross-country shipping. Steel is also very resistant to temperature changes, moisture, and UV light, making it an ideal solution for outdoor applications and over-the-road transport. Another use for steel banding is holding materials with sharp edges and hard corners, such as steel plates and I-beams.

While steel bands have various advantages over other materials like plastic, like temperature resistance, UV resistance, a low stretch rating, and more, it’s important to note that it does have its drawbacks. For example, its heavier weight can make it more dangerous to work with; it can cause injury if handled improperly; it has a higher risk of damaging packaging or products; it may leave rust stains if left untreated.

Applications where steel strapping is the ideal choice include:

  • Situations where you need to load and unload materials multiple times
  • Instances when your load contains sharper edges that could cut through banding of other materials
  • When you plan to transport very stable and large, heavy loads
  • When you’re shipping your loads over long distances
  • When you’re load can withstand potential abrasion from the steel during transport
  • Bundling together pavers, bricks, and steel coils
  • Securing packaged glass to ensure it stays locked in place to avoid breaks, scratches, and other damage
  • Securing wide loads within large containers
  • Tightly closing corrugated storage boxes and metal shipping containers
  • Locking items into place on top of pallets and crates
  • Securing small objects like tools, paper, packages, and more for shipping and handling

For help determining if steel strapping is right for your application, turn to the experts at DOT Systems. We can work with you to determine the right thickness, length, and steel grade for your needs.


Steel strapping offers an effective solution for bundling various types of materials and products for shipping and storage. If you’re in the market for metal band strapping, look no further than DOT Systems. As a leading provider of packaging and shipping solutions, we have the necessary expertise to help you find the best possible steel strapping solution for your application. Our steel strapping is available in various widths, thicknesses, and lengths to meet a wide range of requirements. Whether you require regular-duty steel strapping or hi-tensile steel strapping, we can provide high-quality products at affordable prices.

For more information about our steel strapping solutions, contact us today or request a quote to get started.