Packaging and shipping processes have changed significantly in recent years. Specialized machines such as stretch wrap machines and stretch film machines have taken over, making wrapping processes faster and easier than before. Stretch wrapping prevents loads from moving and shifting during transportation, thereby providing a measure of protection. Stretch wrap machines also guarantee proper load control and are tailored to your operation’s needs.
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What Is a Stretch Wrap Machine?

Stretch wrap machines apply a stretch wrap film around a pallet and other objects in many manufacturing applications. Stretch wrap machines are recommended if you wrap more than 15 loads in a day. There are different types of stretch wrappers designed to suit different applications. Generally, stretch wrappers are divided into two categories: automatic and semi-automatic.

Automatic Stretch Wrap Machines

An automatic stretch wrap machine does not require an operator. Types of stretch wrap machines vary based on the intended application. They include:

  • Rotary Ring: This stretch wrap machine has a compact footprint design and is suitable for continuous wrapping applications. You will incur less stretch film costs while using rotary ring machines because they can start and stop the cycle at any point throughout the load.
  • Conveyorized Turntables: Conveyorized turntables also have a compact footprint and are a perfect choice in tight-fitting pallet wrapping applications.
  • Conveyorized Rotary Arms: If you deal with heavy and unstable loads, rotary arms make it easier to efficiently and quickly wrap all your items because it eliminates the need to turn the pallet as it is being wrapped.
  • Non-Conveyorized Automatic: While using this stretch wrap machine, you can simply place the pallet on the equipment then pull the cord to start the automatic pallet wrapping cycle.

Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machines

Semi-automatic stretch wrap equipment is suitable for wrapping upwards of 80 pallets per day. Semi-automatic stretch wrapping options include:

  • High-Profile Machines: High-profile stretch wrap machines are suitable specifically for fork-lift-loaded applications. Features a raised turntable to enable easy loading and positioning.
  • Low-Profile Machines: Low-profile machines are meant for pallet jack applications with a low turntable.
  • Rotary Arm Machines: Ideal for heavy or unsteady loads, overhead rotary arm machines let you wrap loads that are stationary on the floor.

Stretch Wrap Machine Features & Advantages

Stretch wrap machines are essential in wrapping boxes, containers, parcels, and other items that require storage or transportation. They ensure that every product is securely wrapped to avoid damages from dust, moisture, and dirt. They save time spent manually wrapping products, reducing labor costs. These machines package products faster, which helps meet the bulk packaging requirements of your business. By getting more work done in less time, productivity levels increase.

The progressive stages of the stretch wrap process include:

  • Hold: The process starts when the stretch wrap machine holds the tail of the stretch film to facilitate the wrapping process.
  • Wrap: The machine starts wrapping the item based on the pallet wrapping parameters set on the stretch wrappers control panel.
  • Cut: After completing the stretch wrap cycle, the film is cut and secured in a clamp.
  • Apply: The last process involves applying the resulting trailing edge of the tail to the load.

Why Choose DOT Systems Stretch Wrappers

Stretch wrapping machines facilitate faster packaging and efficient product wrapping. With automatic and semi-automatic capabilities, there is a solution for any wrapping application.

DOT Systems has quality packaging equipment – such as stretch film machines, pallet wrapping machines, strapping machines, and stretch wrap machines – for all your applications. We sell the highest quality items at an affordable price. Our warehouse is always stocked to ensure that we meet your immediate needs. Moreover, we have an excellent reputation for providing the most responsive customer service in the industry. Contact us today for more details about our products or fill out our product form.