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8 Types of Packaging Materials for Your Business

The right choice of packaging and shipping supplies is critical for your business’ success. Using high-quality and visually appealing materials can not only safeguard your items during storage or transit but can also attract more customers. 

In this blog, we will explore some of the most common packaging materials and their uses. There’s a myriad of packaging products available for online businesses to choose from—from corrugated boxes to poly bags—so picking the ideal ones can be difficult. Remember, your packaging solution can represent your brand, so make the best out of it.

1. Poly Mailers and Mailing Envelopes 

If you ship small, fragile items or important documents, these packaging materials should be in your arsenal.

Poly mailers and packing list envelopes are ten times stronger than paper and can protect against moisture better than traditional packaging products. They are often padded with bubble wrap, foam, or macerated paper to shield the items from damage; some are even waterproof. 

Mailing envelopes transmit flat or nearly flat objects or files that require varying degrees of protection and security during transit. Most of these shipping supplies are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

2. Plastic Packaging

Plastic is a common material in the packaging industry because it is less expensive. Some of the most used plastic packaging materials are can liners, poly bags, and furniture and mattress bags

These materials are long-lasting, resistant to practically everything depending on the type of plastic, and some are even recyclable. However, it’s not ideal for shipping fragile objects with these packaging products.

3. Foam and Bubble Wraps

Foam and bubble wraps are perfect for packing, storing, and transporting fragile goods like glasses, plates, gadgets, and artwork. There are various thicknesses of bubble wraps and foam sheets available to better hold an item in place and protect it while in transit.

4. Paper Packaging

Paper-based packaging and shipping supplies made from renewable resources will offer us a sustainable, healthy, and safe environment, among many other advantages. Many businesses have widely used paper packaging, such as corrugated boxes, kraft papers, and newsprint papers, because of their practicality and convenience.

5. Tapes

The packaging and shipping world wouldn’t be complete without tapes. Tapes are versatile products used in offices, workshops, warehouses, and even homes to seal various packages. They come in different types suited for specific applications. Some of the most common are masking tapes, strapping tapes, and hand carton sealing tapes. 

6. Labels

Business owners who want to keep their items and packages organized make use of labels. 

Packaging labels display pricing, bar codes, order details, addresses, usage instructions, and other helpful information. They look professional and instruct shipping partners or receivers on how to handle your packages. Labeling will not only make your packages stand out from the market but will also ensure their safety and security.

7. Stretch Films

If you’re in the warehousing or manufacturing industry, you’d know how stretch films work. 

Also known as stretch wrap, this packing material is a thin, elastic plastic designed to be wrapped around a pallet load to improve its stability and secure it for storage or shipping. There are stretch films made exclusively to be wrapped by hand, and there are also those that require a stretch wrap machine.

Regardless of the type, these packaging material is the answer for bundling oddly-shaped items and protecting them against dust and moisture. 

8. Strapping and Strap Seals

Another packaging and shipping material common in warehousing industries is strapping and strap seals. Usually made of plastic or steel, straps combine, stabilize, hold, reinforce, or fasten medium to heavy packages and pallet loads. 

They are ideal for industrial applications but can also be used in small e-commerce businesses because of their versatility and cost-effectiveness. 

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