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Get More Work Done in Less Time with Dot Systems’ Stretch Wrap Machines

Image from Orion Packaging

If you’re running a business that packs hundreds of large and unstable loads daily, you may want to consider investing in a stretch wrap machine.

Stretch wrap machines are one of the most efficient and versatile packaging machines used in various industries. They work by applying elastic plastic film tightly around items to bundle them together or protect them during storage or transportation. Stretch wrap machines can quickly wrap as many pallets as possible in a short period while also minimizing load handling times and increasing forklift productivity.

At Dot Systems, Inc., we sell heavy-duty stretch wrap machines and other packaging equipment for all applications. Check out our video of the Orion Flex CTS Conveyorized Twin Station Stretch Wrapper in action.

The Orion Flex CTS Conveyorized Twin Station Stretch Wrapper features a powered conveyor turntable where the load is placed and a gravity conveyor section that serves as a platform for the pallets that have already been wrapped and waiting to be picked up. 

With its semi-automatic capabilities, this packaging equipment eliminates the need for operators to manually attach and cut the stretch film and wait for the entire wrapping cycle to end. The Orion Flex CTS machine will wrap the pallets as you have set it up and adjust to the size and shape of the loads.

Benefits of having a stretch wrap machine in your workspace:

  • Better protection of products from damage, dirt, and moisture.
  • Faster and more efficient product wrapping.
  • Saves time and film costs.
  • Increased productivity in warehouses and manufacturing facilities.
  • Improved safety during operations. 

Apart from selling, Dot Systems also services stretch wrap machines and other packaging machines. Whether you purchased the equipment from us or from a competitor, our trained specialists will be happy to perform repairs and maintenance on-site or at our facility. 

We have access to the most hard-to-find parts and offer discounts and incentives to customers who make their packaging equipment purchases with us. 
For more information about our Preventive Maintenance Programs or to order your stretch wrap machine, call us at 937-890-7511.