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Moving To A New Home? Dot Systems Provides Quality Moving Supplies

happy family moving day with DOT Systems, Inc. moving supplies

You’re finally moving to your new home. Congratulations on your new adventure! Moving is all fun and games until you realize the stress of packing all your stuff and the fear of breaking or losing a belonging while in transit. 

Stocking up on the right moving supplies can make moving time trouble-free while ensuring that your valuables arrive safely at your new place.

At Dot Systems, we provide a wide range of packaging and shipping supplies at affordable prices. Whether you need standard moving boxes to pack your bulky items or bubble cushioning to keep your easily breakable pieces safe and sound, we have them. All our packaging materials are durable and can safeguard your belongings against dust, dirt, scratches, and dents. 

Here are some of our common moving supplies to help with your relocation. 

  • Corrugated boxes. Unlike cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes are stronger and more impact-resistant. We supply a variety of sizes to accommodate different personal possessions, from books and CDs to pillows and blankets.
  • Packing Tapes. Dot Systems’ packing tapes are of high quality and designed to resist tears during shipments. Purchase enough to seal all your moving boxes and secure the bubble cushioning around your delicate items.
  • Bubble wrap. Bubble wraps are staples when it comes to packing. They provide extra cushion for your most fragile items like mirrors, glassware, porcelain figurines, and antiques while in the box. 
  • Labels. Putting labels on your boxes is a great way to organize your stuff and ensure you won’t lose any packages while in transit.

Besides these moving supplies, Dot Systems stocks a selection of kraft and newsprint papers, corrugated pads, furniture and mattress bags, and can liners. These packaging materials are also perfect when you’re relocating to a new office building or just want to declutter your space. 

Contact us to order and make moving time a whole lot easier! We deliver throughout Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.